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Nucentric Nutrition is a team committed to your health and success. We search the world to bring quality natural ingredients and extracts supported by science to formulators, manufacturers, and consumers. 

Contact us anytime so we can share our findings and new materials and create together the best food and supplement products available.

Excellent source for rosemary extracts, olive extracts, resveratrol, ginkgo biloba, 5-HTP, vinpocetine, alpha-GPC, mastic gum, pygeum, citrus extracts, supercritical CO2 oils, organic natural glycerin, MCT, and artichoke inulin materials to name a few. Proudly offering Cima Science's quality materials, now stocking in the US.


Nucentric Nutrition is the exclusive US agent for Monteloeder, a leading European extraction company with an array of high quality extracts and clinically-validated branded ingredients: NutroxSun, PLX, and new MetabolAid



MetabolAidhuman study shows DOUBLE the weight loss in 8 weeks vs. placebo. Contact us for more information (email

Need an innovative and advanced delivery system for your active ingredients? Look no further. Now offering VESIsorb and NutraJIT technologies for tablet, capsule, softgel, beverage and topical applications.

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