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PLX provides a unique composition of bioactives‏ capable of accelerating recovery, reducing injury risk, boost AMPK/metabolism and improve restful sleep in ordinary or extraordinary athletes.

  • Protect muscles and joints from exercise overexertion

  • Reduce markers of muscle strain

  • Naturally support endogenous antioxidant enzymes to counter tissue, protein, and cellular DNA stresses resulting from physical activity

  • Jumpstart muscle and fat metabolism - activates AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) and PPAR-alpha (peroxisome proliferator activated receptor) , while decreasing FAS (fatty acid synthase)

  • Improves rejuvenative sleep and promotes relaxation

  • 7 Scientific studies [www.plxarea.com]​

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Love to Live Outside

NutroxSun from Mediterranean citrus and rosemary extracts protects skin beyond typical nutrients and antioxidants. Over years of exposure to UV radiation skin repeatedly encounters harsh environmental factors. Whether you enjoy the outdoors daily or occasionally, this extract is essential to your daily supplement regimen.

NutroxSun Advantages:

  • Inhibits initial pro-oxidant species, protecting from oxidative damage of lipids, proteins and fragile DNA

  • Blocks the generation of peroxyl radicals resulting from the degradation of cell membranes, preventing cellular dysfunction

  • Minimizes tissue damage occurring after exposure

Activity has been validated by a clinical study performed on 10 healthy individuals with skin phototypes II and III. In this study a 56% reduction in damaging effects from UV radiation were seen after 85 days of continual use. Benefits start earlier, with 34% reduction seen on day 57.

Don’t delay, start taking NutroxSun today!


MetabolAid® is Monteloeder’s proprietary formula from Lippia citrodora and Hibiscus sabdariffa for the prevention and treatment of the 5 different conditions related with metabolic syndrome.

Final results results at 8 weeks:

- Significant reduction of body weight (4.0 kgs), waist circumference (6.5 cm) and percentage of body fat (2.0%)

- Significant reduction of heart rate (-8.4 bpm) and systolic blood pressure (-14.6%)

- Lower blood sugar levels (-3.5%) and lower total cholesterol (-12.5%) and LDL cholesterol (-19.6%) compared to placebo group